Photo: Marcus Rattray (Bingley Camera Club)

Bingley Makes Music

May 16th - June 26th 2024

An exhibition of photographs celebrating music in the Bingley district taken by members of Bingley Camera Club.

The exhibition is in seven windows on Main Street, Bingley and in Bingley Arts Centre (open 10 am - 1 pm Monday-Friday).

This exhibition is to tell the story of people in Bingley having fun making and listening to music. It results from a collaboration between the enthusiastic hobby photographers at Bingley Camera Club, and the local musicians and music lovers who have come together to form Bingley Music Town.

We have spent the last year photographing as many activities as possible, and here we present 20 images of some of the people involved in making local music in our varied venues. Between May 16th and June 26th 2024 we also have displays in seven windows on Main Street and a print exhibition in Bingley Arts Centre.

Once you’ve had a look at the exhibition, please vote for your favourite picture nd fill out this short survey.

There are lots of musical and other art, cultural and creative activities going on locally, we hope that this exhibition inspires you to get involved!

Bingley Handbell Ringers

Photographer: Marcus Rattray, April 2024

Bingley Handbell Ringers - Photos by Bingley Camera Club

The bells the group uses were made by Bradford bell founder, James Shaw & Son, in premises on Leeds Road during the period 1848 to 1902. They wear gloves to protect the bells.

They meet every Wednesday at Church House, Old Main Street, Bingley for a 2 hour rehearsal. In this photograph the group are preparing for some November concerts, ahead of their peak period at Christmas.

Johnny Dee entertains at Fern House

Photographer: Marcus Rattray, March 2024

Johnny Dee entertains at Fern House - Photos by Bingley Camera Club

Daytime music at Fern House Retirement Development.

Fern House is a retirement development that provides popular daytime activities for their residents and day visitors. Music features large as part of a full programme of communal activities, organised by Sarah Parkinson in consultation with the users. On the day of our visit singer Johnny Dee animated the room with the audience singing along, clapping and dancing. It shows that music is very much part of living well as one gets older.

Brass Fanfare at Five Rise Locks

Photographer: Nigel Bain, April 2024

Brass Fanfare at Five Rise Locks - Photos by Bingley Camera Club

Hall Royd Band play a fanfare that heralded the start of the celebrations for the 250th anniversary of the opening of Five Rise Locks. A rainy start to the day didn’t dampen the celebrations

Music often plays a central part in public events.

Floyd In The Flesh at All Saints Parish Church

Photographer: Nigel Bain, 23 February 2024

Floyd In The Flesh at All Saints Parish Church - Photos by Bingley Camera Club

Floyd In The Flesh is a six piece, fully live tribute band with a great stage presence. They brought their full rig, including light and laser show, to delight a capacity audience with music from the whole of the Floyd’s back catalogue.

Soul Train, Bingley Arts Centre

Photographer: Nigel Bain, January 2023

Soul Train, Bingley Arts Centre - Photos by Bingley Camera Club

Soul Train’s six vocalists provided a host of great soul & rhythm and blues music from across the years with the emphasis on great, fun songs. So many wonderful anthems, beginning with the roots of soul on to Motown and disco.

“I love how this picture captures a full house, with the crowd on their feet. We’re lucky to have such a great theatre in our district” - David Carpenter, Bingley Music Town

Bingley Ukulele Group

Photographer: Marcus Rattray, 16 November 2023

Bingley Ukulele Group - Photos by Bingley Camera Club

Bingley Ukulele Group meets twice a month on Thursdays in the Peacock Bar, Wellington Street Bingley. They have spare ukuleles so that anyone who turns up can join in. The group plays and sings a wide range of songs.

Cath The Drummer from Playing for Kicks

Photographer: Paul Spencer, June 2023

Cath The Drummer from Playing for Kicks - Photos by Bingley Camera Club

Cath has been drumming with Playing For Kicks for over 10 years. They are just one of a re are a good number of local covers bands playing both close to home and far and wide.

We love this image and think it’s a great representation of the fun these musicians have and the joy they bring to others.

Liz Narey

Photographer: Marcus Rattray, April 2024

Liz Narey - Photos by Bingley Camera Club

Liz Narey has set up a number of music initiatives in Bingley including Bingley First Monday Folk and Singing for Fun. She was also the folk consultant for The Noise of the Valleys book that tells the story of the music scene of Bradford and the surrounding areas, including Keighley and Halifax, from the 1960s onwards.

Liz chose Hedgehog Organics as the location for her photoshoot as she was going to play a gig there during the Bingley Canal Festival, 2024.

Ros Seaton

Photographer: Neil Horsley, March 2024

Ros Seaton - Photos by Bingley Camera Club

Ros Seaton became an accidental gig organiser and promoter of classical music over lockdown. Having ‘never done this kind of thing before’, she has since helped organise sold out classical music concerts in Cottingley.

The Ostyn Family

Photographer: Neil Horsley, March 2024

The Ostyn Family - Photos by Bingley Camera Club

Working with Ros Seaton they have been performing to sell out audiences in a series of concerts at Cottingley Town Hall Church. Mark has played and conducted around the globe

Cornell Daley

Photographer: Nigel Bain, April 2024

Cornell Daley - Photos by Bingley Camera Club

Cornell Daley is an accomplished guitarist and singer who wows audiences across West Yorkshire and beyond with a range of well loved songs. He plays across many genres, and appears regularly at Martinez Wine Bar in Bingley. He’s also a champion of the next generation of local musicians, for example supporting buskers’ and open mike nights in the area.

Mila Lee at Martinez Wine Bar

Photographer: Nigel Bain, April 2024

Mila Lee at Martinez Wine Bar - Photos by Bingley Camera Club

Martinez Wine Bar in Bingley has live music every week. This photo captures the venue and features Bradford based musician Mila Lee.

Mila is a talented singer/guitarist and a graduate of Leeds College of Music. She’s an experienced performer around the area and plays soul, jazz and pop covers.

There are many other venues supporting live music in the district, but we only had space for one in the exhibition.

Pick Up ‘n’ Play at the Chip ‘n’ Ern

Photographer: Marcus Rattray, November 2023

Pick Up 'n' Play at the Chip 'n' Ern - Photos by Bingley Camera Club

Pick Up And Play every Wednesday evening at the Chip N Ern pub, Main Street Bingley.

A weekly jamming session in this popular and often busy pub by musicians with traditional folk instruments, and everyone can join in. The landlord, Dave Morris, calls the session the Diddly Do’s Music Night, and sometimes joins in with a tambourine.

Local musicians need places to play and we’re lucky to have a number of establishments that go the extra mile to support and value music.

Wilko Wilkes and Wellies

Photographer: Neil Horsley, February 2024

Wilko Wilkes and Wellies - Photos by Bingley Camera Club

This visit Menston Primary school was part of Rap for Good – a programme of free workshops for young people in Bradford and Keighley to enjoy creative writing and performance.

Wilko was obsessed with lyrics from a young age, and would regularly study album sleeves and transcribe the words.

Last September he hosted the West Yorkshire Young Poet Laureate awards ceremony at Leeds Central Library alongside mayor of West Yorkshire Tracy Brabin and Poet Laureate Simon Armitage.

He has also performed in several churches, in-store at HMV Bradford and atop the Cow and Calf rocks on Ilkley Moor!

Make Music Day 2023

Photographer: Peter Kitching, June 2023

Make Music Day 2023 - Photos by Bingley Camera Club

Make Music Day is held on the 2st June every year. Bingley Library hosted an event in 2023 with performances from local musicians.

This image shows Mike from Playing For Kicks entertaining an audience of all ages.


Photographer: Paul Spencer, November 2023

Sing! - Photos by Bingley Camera Club

There are plenty of opportunities to sing around here. The All Together Now Choir irehearses at Bingley Methodist Church on Herbert Road on Mondays and Thursdays. It regularly performs at events in the area including at the Arts Centre and the Easter Extravaganza.

Singing For Fun

Photographer: Peter Kitching, April 2023

Singing For Fun - Photos by Bingley Camera Club

Bingley Singing For Fun - no experience is needed and all voices are welcome. The group meets simply to enjoy each other’s company and to sing for fun.

Aidy at Five Rise Records

Photographer: Neil Horsley, April 2023

Aidy at Five Rise Records - Photos by Bingley Camera Club

Five Rise Records has become a fixture in the town since it opened in 2019. Not only does it sell records, it also puts on live music.

Not everywhere is lucky enough to have a great record shop, and this one has become as much a community hub as a place to buy a record.

This image was taken during the annual Record Store Day event in April 2023 which saw customers queuing round the block from 4am to buy rare records released on that day..

Becs Leighton, music teacher

Photographer: Neil Horsley, March 2023

Becs Leighton, music teacher - Photos by Bingley Camera Club

Becs was hugely influential in getting the Bingley Music Town idea up and running, providing vital support, guidance and hard work in the early months of the project.

Anita Bašić

Photographer: Mick Watson

Anita Bašić - Photos by Bingley Camera Club

Local resident and leader of the Bradford Accordion Band, Anita is a key player in the Bingley Music Town organisation. She is great at bringing people together through music and events.

The annual Bradford Accordion Band shows are something to behold. They bring together musicians, dancers, singers and other artists who perform to sell out audiences while raising money for charity

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We hope you have enjoyed our exhibition which is only possible because of the kind cooperation and support of the musicians, audiences and venues.

In particular we thank

  • Bingley Arts Centre for hosting our prints,
  • Bradford Council for financial support from their small arts grant scheme
  • Bingley Music Town for facilitation and continual support.

Thank you especially to all the creative people, community groups and venues which are helping Bingley make music: there are too many to acknowledge here.

Bingley Camera Club Photographers who have contributed photographs so far are: Nigel Bain, Ginta Freiberga, Neil Horsley, Peter Kitching, Ron Pengelly, Paul Spencer, Marcus Rattray, Paul Vaughan, Mick Watson and Jim Weller.

If you are interested in photography, you can find out more about Bingley Camera Club on their website

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