Play Perform Bingley

We’re looking for people to run a monthly group that will provide an opportunity for musicians and singers to perform in a friendly supportive setting, with an emphasis on instruments that you might associate with an orchestra. A similar opportunity can be found at the Bradford Music Club.

Play Perform Bingley would:

  • Meet once a month somewhere in the Bingley District
  • Provide an appreciative sympathetic audience
  • Not expect performances to be ‘professional’
  • Be a mix of musicians and non-performing audience
  • Have a half time break so people can chat and mingle

Performers would maybe:

  • Be the pupils of music teachers
  • Come from along the Aire Valley
  • Be of any standard - we would welcome learners

We would need:

  • A room with a good piano
  • (4 - 6) People to organise the group/events
  • A good MC (Master of Ceremonies) or host
  • People to volunteer their help
  • A regular evening(?) meeting time (7 -9?) and day (Monday?)

Some places that might have a room and a piano:

  • Cottingley Primary
  • Beckfoot school
  • Little Theatre
  • Church House (
  • Cullingworth Village Hall
  • St Aidens Church, Crossflatts

Other notes
The Bradford Music Club is based around pre-booked 10 minute slots. There is a Leeds group that does a similar thing where auditions are required. Those in the room discussing the initial idea did not like the idea of auditions.

There would be a cost to rent a space. Perhaps anyone that attends could pay a small amount to cover the cost. Spaces seem to be available from £13 - £20 per hour. We have a list of meeting spaces, with some idea of costs, that was collated in the last year.


Find a group of people to do the work on this. If you are interested, or just want to find out more, please [contact us].

Find places that might have a room and a piano. Can you check our list above, or suggest somewhere else? Can you turn this into a list of Pro’s and Con’s for each venue?

Find some people that might want to perform. Are you interested, do you know someone who might be? Let us know and we’ll keep a list of people and their contact details.

Find some people that might volunteer to help at events, even though they may not want to be more involved. Would you volunteer at an event to setup the room, meet and greet people, organise a performance running order, etc

Photos: Bingley Camera Club